Tanning at Tanners Lane

Top up your tan before you go away

Flights are booked, hotel is chosen, and there’s an app on your phone counting down the seconds! Holiday season is almost upon us, and we can’t wait to be lying flat out on the beach with the sun warming our faces! But are you fully ready to bare (almost) all on the beach?

Prepping yourself for two weeks away is a great excuse to indulge in a little bit of pampering, and more and more of us are adding a sunbed or s fake tan to that routine. A few sessions under one of our red light beds or UV beds can take away the white glow and give you the confidence to pack that extra short pair on shorts!

Many of us forget the strength of the sun and just how quickly you can burn if you’re not careful, and so prepping your skin with a course of minutes on the sunbed can help reduce turning bright red on day one.

Here at Tanners Lane we can let you know exactly what skin type you have and advise you on how many minutes you should use the sun beds for. Unlike many other tanning salons, we take the time to read through your questionnaire to make sure you and your skin can enjoy a tan without the risk of burning. The benefits of tanning have long been recognised, but for the sake of your holiday, a confidence boost can easily be reason enough!

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Why you should take care of your skin during the summer

Why you should take care of your skin during the summer

Warmer weather is fantastic, there’s no doubt about that! But a change in the weather should also mean a change in your skin care routine too. Dry heat, air conditioning and sunshine can all dry out your skin, and so getting into the habit of excoriating and moisturising can make the difference between flakey skin, a patchy tan and blotchy make up.

Adopting a skin care routine that works for your skin type can have no end of benefits, but here are a few of our favourites.

Get better results from your wax

Healthier skin means smoother skin, and smoother skin means you’ll get a better result from your wax. So if you’re getting ready for a sunny escape, or simply keeping up appearances, exfoliating and moisturising before and after your wax is a must. Waxing can make your skin a little sensitive, and it will be thankful for a bit of extra TLC.

Get a more even tan

Whether you’re a lover of our sun beds, or want to fake it til you make it, having a tan is a real confidence booster. And moisturising your skin not only makes your tan look smoother, but it also will last longer too! Exfoliating and moisturising should be part of your routine already when it comes to tanning, but taking those extras step will ensure you have a healthy glow all summer long.

Less patchy makeup

Whether you contour with creams or with powders, or don’t contour at all, having blotchy make up is a nightmare. Even if you have the best brands on the market, and the right shades to suit your skin tone, if your makeup just doesn’t sit right you’ll be annoyed with it all day long. Sorting your skin care routine and sticking to it every day will keep your makeup looking great all day, and you’ll never again need to worry about patchiness and the touching up that comes with it.

So, avoid falling into the pitfall of dry summer skin, and start caring for it a little more, smoother waxes, longer lasting tans and flawless makeup have got to be reasons to give it a go!

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