Tanners Lane, Red and Blue Light Tanning Beds

Here at Tanners Lane, we are excited to offer our customers the option of our Red and Blue Light Bed which amazingly tans as well. Unlike normal sunbeds, this uses Red light, Blue light aswell as  UVA and UVB light, which we find in all normal sunbeds, to offer not only a great tan but health benefits beyond the traditional sunbeds you’re used to.

What do normal sunbeds offer?

Living in the UK means we are at a higher latitude and therefore only exposed to higher levels of UV light by the sun during the summer months.  UV light is necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D that boosts our mood and is generally required for healthy living.  Research has shown that more than 50% of the world’s population is at risk of vitamin D deficiency, and living at a higher latitude puts the UK’s population at risk, particularly during winter months.  Synthesis of vitamin D is vitally important, as a lack of vitamin D is associated with common cancers, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, in moderation, traditional sunbeds offer UVB light that not only gives you the healthy glow you’re after, but also added health benefits you might not have even considered!

What are the added benefits of Red and Blue light?

In a nutshell, Blue light has antibacterial properties and Red light has anti-inflammatory properties.  The technology behind these different wavelengths of light is known as phototherapy, and has been used successfully in the medical community for years, but only recently has been able to be offered to the general public, like we are able to offer here at Tanners Lane.

One of the most researched medical conditions shown to directly benefit from Red and Blue light phototherapy is that of Acne.  Acne is one of the most common skin conditions that accounts for more than 30% of all visits to dermatologists, yet the combined properties of Red and Blue light are shown to improve this condition by up to 70%, with brightened skin tone and improved skin texture reported by all patients.  Psoriasis is another medical condition shown to directly benefit from treatment Blue light, although a combination of Red and Blue light is consistently shown to be the most effective.

Not only this, but a combination of Red and Blue light has been shown to improve symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and therefore boost mood to treat this form of depression.  Although white light, UV, has been shown to be an effective treatment in itself, Blue light outperforms it when it comes to the treatment of seasonal depression, again, with no adverse side effects reported.

How does it work?

Blue light is shown to activate endogenous porphyrins, which results in a photochemical reaction that destroys harmful bacteria associated with many skin conditions, such as Acne.  Blue light has been shown to be the peak wavelength to effectively have these antibacterial properties.

Red light on the other hand influences cytokine release from macrophages, which consequently stimulates fibroblast proliferation.  This means that Red light can help accelerate cell growth, and assist with the body’s immune system as well as increasing collagen deposition and encourage healthy skin development.  Therefore Red light has wound healing enhancement properties, known as photorejuvenation, which can also be used to improve aged skin.

How we can help at Tanners Lane?

When used correctly over a period of 4 weeks or more, the combined properties of these LED lights to effectively treat a variety of skin conditions, as well as illnesses such as SAD and depression, makes it an exciting addition to what we can offer here at Tanners Lane.  And with regular deals for minutes on our sunbeds, it means that an affordable, effective way of looking after your skin is easily available.

Red light Testimonials

I Can not rate Tanners Lane enough, I suffer really bad with the skin on my face but due to the red and blue sun bed it has completely transformed my skin! And made me feel 100% better about it.. Lovely staff and friendly atmosphere 🙂 thank you x

Cat Gowen, Kettering

I have been suffering with acute urticaria (hives)a severe rash for over 10 years now, I have seen numerous specialists but none have been able to help other than giving me drugs to help with the itching.
I started having normal sunbeds at Tanners lane and one day got talking to Wayne about my hives, he said I should try the red and blue light therapy bed. So the next day I tried it to be honest I was not hopeful at all.
But to my amazement it worked I did not have one hive over that week, so now I have the red and blue therapy bed once a week for 7mins and for the first time in years something is finally working.
So thankyou Wayne for getting me to give it ago I can finally sleep at night without feeling like I have ants crawling all over me.
Vicky Hogan, Kettering

I have had a few sessions on the red light bed and i am so pleased with the results. I can honestly say i have seen a huge improvement in my eczema, it is the best it has been in years without the need for prescription creams. The staff are absolutely brilliant and always happy to help 🙂
Sabrina Devine, Kettering.

Hi guys it's Ash (Tay's fella), I have a light form of psirosis that is prominent on my elbows and my lower legs, I have tried many different creams, Tay had a word with Wayne and he suggested the red light bed, at first I was hesitant as I've always thought of sunbeds just for girls, but they got me on and I have to say the results have been outstanding, in three weeks pretty much all of the flakey skin has disappeared and I have been left with slightly pink patches that seem to be controlled with doublebase gel. Now the bigger patches on my legs are shrinking and my elbows look normal again! I am very happy and my confidence has returned, plus I am getting a tan and I never thought I'd get hooked on sunbeds, but I am now 🙂 Hats off to the red light bed!!

Ash, Kettering

The 'red light' sunbed is absolutely brilliant. My dry skin has improved enormously and I get a better tan. I suffer from a collagen disorder and this sunbed has definitely helped me!! The staff are very friendly too which is a bonus.

Jenny Francis, Kettering.

The red bed is great! It's clearing my skin up, been getting creams from the doctors and non have worked and a few sessions on the red bed it's already looking better! Great service and value.

Matthew Blyth, Kettering.


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