Cosmetic Clinic

Tanners Lane will be running a cosmetic Clinic offering treatments such as Botox, Fillers and Derma Rollers on Thursday 4th December from 4pm by Harley Street Medically trained nurse prescriber.

My name is LOUISE HAWKINGS-BYASS I have worked in medical aesthetics since 2006, having qualified as a registered nurse in 1986 and had a long career in cardiac nursing in London.I have worked with Botulinum Toxin (Botox,Azzalure,Xeomin) for 17 years in medical conditions, my experience and knowledge is of a very high level.In 2006 I was trained in Harley Street London by well respected plastic and facial surgeons in injectable wrinkle treatments and over the last 7 years I have developed my own practice in non surgical injection treatments for facial correction and rejuvenation.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is primarily used as a morality to reduce chronic (long term) aches, pains and tightness in areas such as the neck, shoulders, and legs and lower back. Deep tissue massage is a form of therapeutic massage that aims on manipulating deeper layers of connective and muscular tissues.

Deep Tissue Massage strokes are applied using direct pressure with knuckles, forearms, fingers, and elbows for penetration of the tissues deeper in. Friction applied across the grain of the muscles breaks the tension points and knots down.

Deep tissue massage works by breaking down adhesion’s (knots or areas of rigid tissue) by using deep pressure to restore normal range of motion and relieve pain. Adhesion’s potentially cause pain, limited motion and inflammation by blocking circulation.

Deep tissue massage is commonly used to treat:

  • Limited movement
  • Stress relief
  • Release tension reducing headaches
  • Repetitive strain injury
  • Postural problems
  • Post-event (after marathons, sporting events)
  • Long term aches
  • Lower back pain
  • Muscle tension and spasms
  • After a gym session

Deep tissue massage can be combined with sports massage to improve rate of recovery and normal function as part of a rehabilitation programme.

We use Deep tissue massage to ease stress, reduce muscle spasms, discomfort and pain by manipulating the soft tissue. This also releases toxins from the muscles, allowing the blood andbeauty salon oxygen to flow properly. With increased blood flow we also speed recovery as oxygen delivery is increased to the muscles and targeted areas of pain.

You may feel soreness after the massage, but this will ease the following day and you will be left feeling relaxed and a lot more mobile!

Tips on Waxing

We have had a great response to the new website with people already booking beauty treatments on the site. Today we had 3 bookings for eyebrow waxing and a sculptured nails with a gel polish. We also took on 2 new beauticians at the same time that 1 nail technician left.


We have a few tips now for pain relief before and after you have any waxing treatment.

1. 24 hours before your waxing appointment, avoid any of exfoliation.

2. Avoid waxing within the week before your period, that is when you’re extra-sensitive to pain. Try a week or two after, when your pain threshold is higher.


    Tanners Lane was designed to offer a clean, luxury environment for our clients to relax and have that well deserved “me” time and enjoy the many treatments we offer. We pride ourselves on clients coming to us as a guest and leaving as a friend.

    We work as a family and like our clients to feel part of that when they visit our salon.