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Maybe you’re fair-haired, maybe your brows are a little scraggly, or maybe you just don’t feel right if your eyebrows haven’t been given the correct attention? Whatever the reason, our HD brow service, consisting of an eyebrow tint and wax, is just £12!

Our trained beauticians know all things ‘brow’ – whether that’s getting the shape to work with your eyes, hair line and face shape, or ensuring they aren’t too dark – or too light for that matter!

Why are HD brows so popular?

Our eyes are in the centre of the face, and our eyebrows frame them, this makes them a huge focal point and they’re perfect for expressing yourself! What about the rules of attraction? Well, research has shown that if someone thinks you’re attractive they’ll do what’s known as an ‘eyebrow flash’ – meaning they’ll raise their eyebrows for just a split second. It opens the face and it’s a completely subconscious response to sexual attraction.

So the reasons for HD brows are twofold

  • Firstly, they open up your face, frame your eyes and allow you to communicate without words.
  • Secondly, they can cue sexual attraction!

The eyebrow flash is a social signal known among friends and family too – it signals wanting to come over and have a chat, or perhaps recognition- ‘I see you, hi!’

Eyebrows are more important than you think

With this said, it just goes to show the significance those two measly eyebrows have on your face. So it’s about time you care about them a little more and get a professional at Tanners Lane to shape them and tint them ready for when you next take them out!

For more information – and to maybe get your eyelashes up to scratch to – get in touch and book your appointment online today.

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