Nail Colour For Spring at Tanners Lane

With daffodils blooming, warmer sunshine and longer evenings, the spring is definitely on its way. So, it’s time to put away your dark, heavy winter clothes, and find your spring wardrobe, and this means painting your nails to match!

So what nail colours are hot for this spring?

Knowing which shade to choose when you’re faced with a rainbow of choices at your salon can be bit of a dilemma. How can you be sure that your shade of choice will match your mood, wardrobe and busy schedule – not to mention the changing season?

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you. We have researched what’s hot this season, and what will suit you and your lifestyle, perfect.

Pretty pastels at Tanners Lane

This season we’re looking at dusty pastel blues – well actually any pastel version of your favourite shade will work well!

Milky pastels are fantastic because they go with anything and everything; they’re bright enough to get your noticed, but subtle to blend from daywear to evening wear flawlessly – what more could you want?

To list but a few: sage greens, pastel pinks, lilacs, lavender-greys, taupe and even periwinkle are perfect this spring. Venture past your usual Barbie pinks or luscious reds that you’ve been wearing this winter, and head for something subtle, pretty and perfect for this spring.

Warmer nail colours to match the warmer weather

We also love the mauve and plum shades, for if the pastels aren’t your thing, then these warmer shades will match the warmer weather beautifully, without being too light, or too dark.

A warm, rich brown makes a chic alternative. A toasted terracotta brown is also popular this season, and looks particularly stunning when matched with pretty coloured spring separates.

Bringing in toasty tanned shades reflect beautifully onto your skin, giving the illusion of a healthier glow – perfect for when you’re starting to bare a little more skin.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today, or book in online and change your nail polish to match the season.

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