We have had a great response to the new website with people already booking beauty treatments on the site. Today we had 3 bookings for eyebrow waxing and a sculptured nails with a gel polish. We also took on 2 new beauticians at the same time that 1 nail technician left.


We have a few tips now for pain relief before and after you have any waxing treatment.

1. 24 hours before your waxing appointment, avoid any of exfoliation.

2. Avoid waxing within the week before your period, that is when you’re extra-sensitive to pain. Try a week or two after, when your pain threshold is higher.

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    Tanners Lane was designed to offer a clean, luxury environment for our clients to relax and have that well deserved “me” time and enjoy the many treatments we offer. We pride ourselves on clients coming to us as a guest and leaving as a friend.

    We work as a family and like our clients to feel part of that when they visit our salon.